Personal Introduction

    I began my teaching career in the late 1970s and up to 2021, I have been elected, appointed and contracted to various positions nationally and internationally as Principal teacher, lecturer, external inspector, seconded university fellow, director of studies, expert advisor and consultant, transformation and lead reviewer and disruptive technologies’ innovator. Since 1999, I am a Board member, editor and reviewer for several renowned, international journals and bodies. I was appointed as Honorary Consul for the Ivory Coast to Ireland in 2020. In 2019 I was invited to become the authorized, global mandate for His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohamed Salim Al Sabah, Kuwait. In 2020, I was appointed Global Sports and Tourism Ambassador for Visit Nepal 2020 by HE. Minister Yogesh Bhatarrai, Nepal.   








Educational attainment -abridged
** B.Ed. Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick 1977-1980.
** Diploma in Special Education, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick 1987.
** Diploma in technology (ICT), Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick 1989.
** Post-Graduate Diploma in Curriculum Studies, 1994, TCD, Dublin.
** Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, 1995, TCD, Dublin.
** M.St. Master of Studies in Curriculum innovation and Management                          1996.Trinity College Dublin, TCD.

** PhD. Lacrosse University, UNCC, USA. 2004. Non-accredited.

** PhD. Aalborg University. Denmark.2006.
** EdD. Lincoln University 2021. TBA

** MBA. ENEB Business School and Universidad Isabel I. Barcelona S.L. TBA 2021

** MBC. Master in Business and Corporate Communication . Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona S.L. TBA 2021
**TEFL & IELTS, Advanced Levels. IARC -International Accreditation and Recognition Council, UK. 2015
**O A Dip. Psychology & Advanced Psychology. Online Academies, College Guild of Graduates Register. UK. 2015

**O A Dip. Master Herbalist. Online Academies, College Guild of Graduates Register. UK. 2015

**Dip. Sports Nutrition. Shaw Academy, CPD Certification Services.                         Register. Irl. 2015

**Dip. Mindfulness-Based CBT (MCBT), CoE, IAHT,IANLPC,                                           UK. 2016

**O A Dip. Advanced. Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Online Academies. College Guild of Graduates Register. UK. 2016. Registration number: OA104553

**O A Dip. Counselling Children and Adolescents. Online Academies. College Guild of Graduates Register. UK. 2017. Registration number: OA104553

Professional experience at elementary, second level & university (Abridged)

**1980–1985: Appointed Primary school teacher in Waterford (Ballybeg) and Limerick city (Southill), educationally disadvantaged schools (DEIS).
**1985–2009: Principal teacher in Gaelscoil Ó Doghair, National School, Ireland.
**2009-2014: Principal teacher in Ladyswell National School, Dublin, Ireland.
**2001-2021: Keynote and invited guest speaker at national and international, sports, education, technology, inclusion and business conferences globally.
**1996-2021: Consultant, advisor, lecturer, inspector and designer                              of  ICT/Innovation/diversity programmes and continuous professional                development courses for organisations and corporate bodies globally.
**2014: Professional facilitator for the National Induction Programme for Newly Appointed, Primary School Teachers (NQTs), Ireland.
**2014-2021: National co-ordinator, external assessor and validator for the Digital Schools of Distinction (DSoD/DSoE) Award Ireland and Europe and National Debating Competitions (NDC) Gaelic and English medium schools (Dept.of Education and Skills, Ire).
**2002-2021: Executive vice-president of Human/Non-Human languages and Technology with SITE, American Association of Computers in Education, USA.

**2009-2021International review Boards and Advisory Boards, IGI Global (IJWLTT), [Mirandalink] Journal Pedagogika, iLRN USA, IEEE TALE-NSW  Australia,                   AUCEI,/USA. SITE/USA, Journal of Technological Advancements(JTA).                    International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems (IJEIS).

**2018-2021: National coordinator for DEIS schools', Gaelic Language                   Summer Literacy camps under Dept.of Education and Skills, Ire).   
**1985-2021: Coordinator of and Advisor to Pan-European and                    international projects in STEAM, STREAMS,TIMSS, SSE, PISA, ICT, ERASMUS+, HORIZON, AIoT & technology in education, inclusion, mindful leadership, quality performance & change management, linguistics, multi/interculturalism, diversity, frameworks of Quality Indicators, curriculum design, mentoring and innovation, Disruption,  X-Reality, Blockchain/Brain-Space & Sustainability, Standardisation & Competencies frameworks.

**2019 - 2023: Schools Excellence Programme - Creative Clusters Initiative Facilitator under The Creative Ireland Programme. The DES., DWEC and Drumcondra Ed. Centres, Ireland.

**2019 - 2021: Global, expert advisor & consultant to PODAR Education India.             "The Podar Group of Schools India, operates with the prime purpose of building young minds to spearhead a dynamic future globally. Podar's stated vision is a commitment to operate and manage quality schools that provide quality education with a focus on development that is in sync with the needs of the individual child in an era of globalization".

**2021 -2023: External evaluator for to support prioritization of standardisation activities among experts, and reinforce European presence in international ICT

**2021 -2023: Expert consultant to InteractIdeas Portugal to transform Disruptive Technologies and Digital Transformation. Education in the Digital Age.

**2021 -2023: Expert consultant Advisor to the European Association of STEAM Educators -EASE,

**2020/2021: Contracted as the expert lead for the European Digital Academy (EDA) EUN     

Partnership, , to design and develop their new Up-Skills programmes in Emerging 


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