Dr. Daithí Ó Murchú









                                                                                               Professional experience in Business Innovation, iTechnologies, Transformative Education, Disruption and eCommerce Consultancy







  • 2020/2021: Expert lead for the European Digital Academy (EDA) EUN Partnership, to  design and develop Course 2, EU, Up-Skills programmes in Emerging Technologies. https://www.digitalskillup.eu/

  • 2021: External Advisory Board Member for MenSi (Mentoring For School improvement), European Schoolnet, the Future Classroom Lab (FCL). http://www.eun.org/projects/detail?articleId=6568808

  • 2021: External evaluator for StandICT.eu to support prioritization of standardisation  activities among experts, and reinforce European presence in international ICT standardisation. https://www.standict.eu/

  • 2021: Expert consultant to InteractIdeas Portugal to transform Disruptive Technologies,AIoT and Digital Futures - Education in the Digital Age. https://interactideas.pt/en/

  • 2021: International advisor in curriculum design with ReadyAI - USA, the                        first comprehensive K-12 AI education programme. https://www.readyai.org

  • 2021: Expert advisor to ‘STEM Mad’ schools’ Initiative in Melbourne Australia. https://sites.google.com/vic.catholic.edu.au/stemmad/home

  • 2021: International consultant Advisor to the Executive and Advisory Boards of The European association of STEAM Educators -EASE, http://ease-educators.com/

  • 2021: Expert advisor (Honorary Consul),  to Dell Technologies-Emerging Africa, in introducing Digital Futures West Africa Programme/ Digital Skills. https://dtf.delltechnologies-events.eu/dtf2020-emerging-africa/

  • 2021: Expert consultant & education advisor in Digital and Green, ‘Video’ transformation with VML Technologies global. https://www.vmltechnology.com/

  • 2020/2021: Consultant and International Advisor in Nature Based Solutions Education utilising Emerging technologies and transformative Video –Horizon 2020. https://live.securebroadcast.com/video/Q8HKKZ6RFUKLR8N

  • 2019/2021: Expert Advisor and Consultant in Education and Transformation to Podar International Education Network, India.  https://www.podareducation.org/

  • 2019/2021: Consultant Advisor in International Collaboration with Nobel College, Schools of Business and Medicine, Kathmandu, Nepal. http://www.nobelcollege.edu.np/

  • 2018-2021: International consultant in evolving design and innovative practices in Immersive Environments and AI to Munfarid Consulting Co. S.P.C. Bahrain. https://www.munfarid.org/

  • 2019/2021: Board Advisor Simvirtua Ltd. MissionV. Irl. Company Reg, Number. 533283  Guiding industry on the adoption of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality for training, work instructions and more. https://www.simvirtua.com/

  • 2017 -2020: Lead designer and Independent consultant / Mindful VR App at Mindmyths.eu. Ireland.  http://mindmyths.eu/   &   http://mindmyths.eu/endorsements/

  • 2019: International Expert Consultant in ‘Brain-Space’ Node on the Blockchain in Open Source Protocols for decentralized certification with IMPERIVM Russian Federation and Estonia.  

  • 2018: Consultant advisor in Global Innovation and design partnerships in Open-Source Protocols for decentralized certification with 0Xcert, Slovenia. https://0xcert.org/

  • 2021: International Editorial, Review and Advisory Boards, IGI Global (IJWLTT), IEEE TALE, Mirandanet UK, AUCEI,/USA. Journal Pedagogika, SITE/USA. iLRN, Journal of Technological Advancements (JTA). International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems (IJEIS) & International Journal of Virtual and Augmented Reality (IJVAR).

  • 2019/2021: Appointed as external advisor and facilitator for VR/AR and AI DigitalClusters, Under the DoE/DES Ireland, https://www.pdsttechnologyineducation.ie/en/Good-Practice/Projects/Clusters/

  • 2018/2021: Lead coordinator and advisor to Dublin West VR/ R+/AI Schools’ of Excellence National Initiatives. https://www.vrdub24.ie/

  • 2019/2021: Global mandate for HRH. Sheikh Mohamed Salim Al Sabah of Kuwait.

  • CEO. DAS Pathways Ltd. Company Reg, Number. 616619, JITL. Ltd. Company Reg,Number. 557540. &JIHL. Ltd. Company Reg,Number 557541 www.jitl.ie

  • Founder of Irishtourism.Ltd, & DiscoveringIreland.Ltd. CRO Numbers, 484618 & 498013 www.irishtourism.ie  & www.discoveringireland.com

  • CEO. JITWA.Company Reg No. Ivory Coast. W. Africa. N RCCM CI ABJ 2016 B 26758

  • CEO. IFDRC. Ltd. CRO Number. 500917. Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Board Advisor Simvirtua Ltd. MissionV. Irl. Company Reg, Number. 533283

  • Board Advisor Triggersmart Technologies Ltd. Intl. Company Reg, Number. . 489714.

  • Global Business facilitation, development, expansion and investment (PPP, BOOT.BOT.JV).

  • Company and Business, creative  'Design Thinking' in innovation, transformation, conservation, validation and conscious mindfulness. www.jitl.ie

  • International Business, sports, technology, education eco-systems and                       sustainable NGO and humanitarian initiatives. 

  • International collaboration, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality.

  • Quality performance, TQM, Resilience and change management.

  • Workforce HR, appointments, careers and deployment/re-deployment.

  • Business and Curriculum Frameworks of Quality Indicators.​

  • PISA, TIMSS, SSE, ERASMUS and STE(A)M schools' inspections, reports and                  analysis.

  • iLearning, eMaturity, blended-learning, VR, AR, X Reality, i-cloud technologies.

  • Principals, headship, SSE and change management.

  • Early Childhood/Early Years and Elementary education.

  • Disabilities/Special Education Needs/Evolving best-practice.

  • Mentoring, learning mobilities and synergies.

  • Minority, tribal and modern languages.

  • Technology, AI/VR/R+ design, IoT, 4IR, Robotics and Industry 5.0

  • Digital Schools of Distinction and Excellence. DSoD/ DSoE

  • Quality Assurance, e-inclusion and evolving best practice.

  • EU and International grant-aid and projects.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative research.

  • Critical Frameworks and SCOT analyses for success.

  • Longitudinal and other case studies.

  • A/r/tographic research.

  • Mentoring (for DES, School Task Force and various management of change issues).

  • 21st. Century school leadership - Teaching, Learning and Technologies' Synergies.

  • Boards of Management/Governors and the business community.

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